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One last time..

Just in case you haven’t gotten the memo, I’ve moved blogs. Click here for the new one! I always follow back! Thanks! 


Click HERE to get to my new tumblr.. Thanks!

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Got a new tumblr, hopefully I’ll be better at it this time! haha (:

I feel lucky to know these girls (:

Merry Christmas! 5 more days! (Taken with instagram)

Just curious... but who even has the guts to hate on sterling? Pretty sure he's THE classiest guy in Georgia and he respects everyone that comes into contact with him... so no one should even have a reason to hate on him.

Why thank you! Haha. But if I have haters, it just means I’m doing something right. Plus, by being anon, they don’t have any guts at all. Bring on the hate (:

Sterling, ignore the anons. Pipes are classy. Bowties are classy. You're classy. The end. (:

Thank you, means a lot (: